Free online utilities to convert, calculate, and transform. is a directory of utilities

Utils is short for utilities. In the context of computers and digital electronics utilities refer to particular useful algorithms that can perform one or a combination of the following:

  • convert or transform data from one representation to another;
  • compress or decompress data;
  • encrypt or decrypt data;
  • filter in or out some particular data;
  • perform a direct or iterative procedure until a certain value is calculated; and
  • fetch, store, index, or query a particular data. provides a is free online service for a multitude of digital utilities/tools.

The available utilities are grouped by the type of data they operate in or the type of operation performed. This data type can be raw binary files, images, sounds, videos, or simply text, while the types of operations include conversions and calculations.

The currently available utilities are categorized via this website’s menu.